getting up

Upped my lexapro. How it works I don't know. World was dim hard to go out, like my head was full of phlegm. stumbling around in the dark for a key to a door that's already open.* Upped my lexapro and I wake up hearing the morning trill of the birds flitting about in the... Continue Reading →

46- static

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Mr. Pirsig relates a story of some pilgrims climbing a holy mountain. Though I read it years ago, the story struck a chord with me. I paraphrase by memory: One particular climber was trudging up the mountain, his pack seemingly becoming heavier and heavier with each step.... Continue Reading →

44 – destination unknown

I wrote recently about the fact that you have to learn to enjoy the journey of life and not simply seek a destination. I believe the truth of this. I do. Truly. But you want to at least have a destination in mind, right? For example, when I ride a motorcycle, I want to go... Continue Reading →

42 – documentum continuat

My journal of 2007 & 8 is titled "Lessons on Humility & Wisdom" because I was seeking to glean from daily life what I could of those two characteristics as I wrote. I was trying desperately to use my journal to filter these values out of the normalcy of each day. Sometimes I recorded nothing... Continue Reading →

40.5 – redneckus generalis

What would incline me to think I might be a redneck? Why would I strive for such a goal? I've never had a skoal ring faded into the back pocket of my jeans (but my friends did), never drank beer from a can (but my friends did), never milked a cow (my parents and cousins... Continue Reading →

Resolved 2018

To listen, read and write more, and to communicate less words but more meaning. Each year for the past several, I have resolved to speak less but say as much or more. Hopefully I am making progress. Have a good year, however you define that.

39 – itineris

This morning I watched a good friend in law enforcement explain his journey (itineris) thus far through life. He spoke about "losing traction" in some of his efforts, and at long last, graduating from college. I congratulate him and he inspired me to write. We are all on our own journeys, and many have planned... Continue Reading →

34 – constructio

My dad used to say all new couples move a couple of times before they settle in to a long term home. We certainly followed the rule. When M & I first married, we lived in half of an early to mid 1900's duplex in the Broadmoor area of Jackson, MS. On graduating from law... Continue Reading →

33 – zen

I'm a Christian, not a Buddhist. But different religions have characteristics and practices¬† that are good ideas, and I reject the idea that one religion's practice prohibits another¬† religion from a similar practice. If a practice helps me draw closer to God, I'm interested. I first realized this when I was searching for the Truth... Continue Reading →

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