Nativity Walk 7

Part 7 in a Christmas series beginning with NW1 Waking up in Jericho, Mary and Joseph had the Mountains of Judea to the  South and West and the Jordan River valley from which they just came to the East and North. They just traveled basically the same route from the river that Joshua and their... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 6

Part 6 in a Christmas Series beginning with NW1: The sun was barely out when Mary was awakened by the baby's kicking.  She said her morning prayers down at the river in the solitude, and then roused Joseph from a hard sleep. "I had a dream," he said, "there were Roman soldiers and an elderly... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage II

After flying over the Stelvio region of Italy, known for its famous high mountain pass, and Turkey, we looked down upon the island of Cyprus shortly before touching ground in Tel Aviv.  Cyprus, to fans of Greek mythology, is the birthplace of Aphrodite and Adonis, but to Christians it is the homeplace of Barnabus and... Continue Reading →

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