common denominators 1/?

I'm no mathematician, by any stretch. As a matter of fact, I once met the guy who invented the Apple Airport while he was setting up wifi for the same Belizean village we were in. As I was the cook in our camp, I was making pancakes one morning and he insisted on paying for... Continue Reading →


Voodoo Death is a real thing. I'm not saying this out of superstition either - at least not out of my own superstition. I took a sociology class on the occult in college in Louisiana. In that class we read studies in which coroners or medical examiners found some causes of death to be the... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I feel particularly blessed. As in much more so than I deserve. When I'm not being especially grateful, I often think this word is overused in today's culture, but not today, for me, right now. God has given me a wonderful wife - M, who understands me and puts up with my crap. She... Continue Reading →

yellowstone musings – 7

Let's start with the negative, just to get it out of the way. Seeing the high mountains reminded me that I've always dreamed of climbing mountains, and have never done it.  There's something about approaching 50 years old that makes you think you won't accomplish things if you haven't even started yet. I'm pretty sure... Continue Reading →

yellowstone musings – 6

This morning I rose from my slumber at 6 something, and as MCL slept in, I took a stroll on a trail along the shore of Jackson Lake. By myself, so to speak.  As much as I love my people, a solo stroll (can’t really call this a hike – just didn’t qualify in my... Continue Reading →

yellowstone musings – 5

Last night we stayed in a rustic cabin at Colter Bay, Grand Teton National Park. No tv, no wifi, no radio, no cell service. Glorious. It has a metal roof, so when a shower comes through the valley, we enjoy the audio benefits without the downside of being cold, wet or miserable. And we engage... Continue Reading →

yellowstone musings – 4

Our next stop would be the most fascinating yet. Given the source of what we were witnessing, I repeatedly wondered how Dante Alighieri would have described it. We saw multitudes of hydrothermal land features: geysers, vents, fumaroles, boiling ponds, paint pots. Ridiculous. Colorful. All the result of the fact that thousands of feet below was... Continue Reading →

yellowstone musings – 2

I awakened to sunlight streaming through the blinds at 5:47 a.m., and made sausage and egg biscuits for MCL as they got up and began readying for the day. I think I woke up at least 4 times to use the bathroom in the night, and on the last trip I may have broken my... Continue Reading →

of shackles and profits, part one

Shackles have always bothered me. A sound I suppose I will always carry with me from past years is the clinking of cuffs and shackles on an eleven year old defendant in court.  Some people earn their shackles and some do not - at all. My topic for the moment is not those people who... Continue Reading →

terminal II

At 6:54  a.m. at Little Rock Airport Gate 4, everyone seems to respect the quietness called for by the early hour, except two people. Of course.  There are two men seated in the Sky Priority section that have the good grace to drink their orange juice and read their paper serenely, bothering no-one. Befitting of... Continue Reading →

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