africa calling

I have a friend who is currently serving as a missionary in Africa. Ethiopia to be more specific. He called me recently to talk through some matters regarding spiritual warfare, (Dubium, Alaska V) and we agreed how great it would be if I could go there and help the mission. I have always had a... Continue Reading →

12.4 – Alaska V

A week of at least partial solitude sounded fantastic. It ended up to be more phantasmic. Maybe. I'll never be sure. Regardless, I never want to see it again. I had been studying angels ever since Mrs. Seale and I talked. (Alaska III) To do so, I learned to take advantage of the resources at... Continue Reading →

9.5 – dubium

Doubtful.  I was doubtful when Donald Trump, the "you're fired" reality show guy, announced a bid for the presidency. I was doubtful when I first heard planes had crashed into the world trade center. I was doubtful when I learned how the modern Bible was put together. I was doubtful when my friend Michelle told... Continue Reading →

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