reflections from the belly of the whale

This could be titled Phlegm 3, but I got tired of the nasty connotations of that word. As I have sat at home today, thinking, praying, pondering, and being generally disgusted at how little I can do, I had these thoughts, mostly as a result of my time in the hospital. If I am physically... Continue Reading →

He didn’t force others. . .

God is the inventor of free will.  He doesn't force man to love Him, or obey Him, or respect Him. He could, but He doesn't. Because He desires sincere devotion as opposed to forced submission. He knows that Forced respect isn't respect at all; Forced love isn't love in the least; Forced allegiance is a far cry... Continue Reading →

49 – boneyard

On a few occasions while my granddad Keathley was alive, I drove him around the dirt roads of Mount Vernon, Arkansas in my four-wheel drive. We would wander up and down old rutted dirt roads that were no longer passable by regular cars and through narrow trails in the woods that would scratch up the... Continue Reading →

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