Farewell 2018

I can't say I'll miss this year. Not because it has been bad - it hasn't - but because I'm ready for a few changes. I want to be more true to myself. Is that so much to ask? No more trying to be a redneck. No more trying to be part of either political... Continue Reading →

40.4 – redneckus holditus

(Continued from redneckus wannabeus) As far as I can tell, a key skill of an average redneck is the ability to drink beer from a can. My sources say that the best redneck stories begin with either of two phrases: "Hold my beer," when the event that will become a story commences, or "We had... Continue Reading →

40.3 – redneckus wannabeus

Continued from redneckus not-at-allus. At this point I was beginning to think of this project along the lines of me trying to do anything else in life just to fit in with others. Pointless. But the dissonance haunted me. On one hand I wanted to accomplish this, so that I would have something to say... Continue Reading →

40.2 redneckus not-at-allus

Continued from redneckus haud. With the lessons on sight, smell and sound under my belt and digested along with the last slim jim (not impressed), I went back out with confidence. I was so confident this time, that I took a knife and ice chest. Actually I had hardly even considered that I needed that... Continue Reading →

40.1 – redneckus haud

I'm not a redneck. Believe me I've tried. I just lack the knowledge and skill set for it. Before trying, I held the misguided belief that being a redneck was a vacuum of knowledge - a default position at which a country-boy would languish if he lacked the initiative to rise. Only in trying to... Continue Reading →

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