one tear drop of sadness capsule of self pity morsel of despair escapes the corner of her eye to explore her winter reddened cheek but the swollen gravity of her heart pulls it straight down a small convex mirror it rolls down over the cold and closed pores of her cheeks all her cells shutting... Continue Reading →


Too fat Too nerdy  Too skinny Too phat I've so little control of What's under my hat Wearing the wrong shirt Buttons don't match Wife says I can't Wear shoes with a latch Hair is too short But don't grow it out Keep it just right Can't look like a lout You look like a... Continue Reading →

Misappropriated H8

A weak minded person needs someone to hate: a target for stones, an object to berate. They find the subjects by judging their message: "If they challenge my position, of course I'm irate!" The intellectually challenged move in herds. The herd is king, and principles are just words. Value is in power - might makes... Continue Reading →

virtuoso or virtue-less

via Daily Prompt: Confess The value placed on virtues is becoming less.I confess that I'm no virtuoso of good habits and manners, but neither am I virtue-less. From capital cities to celebrities, down to working class parents and kids, virtues are something we hardly ever address. Some will say after this regime or that, we... Continue Reading →

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