It has been so long since I've visited a troutstream, I've almost forgotten the wonder of it. So in order to remind myself, I went back to an old post:, exercitatione: As the sun rises the mist morphs from pink to a dull white turning brighter as it moves downstream to the sun. All the... Continue Reading →

53 – virilis

The definition of "Man" has become awfully ambiguous. Some people claim to be men trapped in women's bodies; some claim to be women trapped in men's bodies. Parents fight for their boy's rights to take part in "girl stuff" and for their girl's rights to do "boy's stuff." People declare themselves to be neutral, bi,... Continue Reading →

45 – sunday morning

Usually, I would be at church right now, teaching a sunday school lesson, and then attending a worship service. But today, I'm not. Simply did not want to deal with the outside world, however kind and loving the people around me would have been. The loud attacks on senses, the conversation to be made with... Continue Reading →


boy and dad in the air on the wind the very spring of glad   fatherly advice, real concern not heeded - all good fun boy will never learn   gravity consumes lift earth and cold reality approaching rather swift   feathers caught by breeze but no longer attached wings now move with ease  ... Continue Reading →

Screw it.

Some days are like roller coasters; some days are like the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyworld, or the movie "Groundhog Day." Like I'm trapped in a room with an annoying loop of some stupid pop song playing. Hit me Baby one more time, one more time, one more time, one more time, noe... Continue Reading →

an american roller coaster

When I was in the bathroom this morning, brushing my teeth and getting ready for work, I discovered this: My dear sweet wife is the only person who shares this bathroom, this drawer, and this Q-tip box with me, so there is little doubt - not even reasonable doubt - as to who left the... Continue Reading →

femina libero

I know a lot of females. I know a lot of males. I know intelligent, sophisticated members of both genders and I know people of both that are dumb as a sack of rocks. So I don't understand why we still have problems of inequality.  Now I'm not typing this to make points with anyone.... Continue Reading →

Resolved 2018

To listen, read and write more, and to communicate less words but more meaning. Each year for the past several, I have resolved to speak less but say as much or more. Hopefully I am making progress. Have a good year, however you define that.

Nativity Walk 2

**This is part of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: "Joe, did you hear that?" "Hmm mmm.." "Joe - I heard something. Wake up." "It's not even light yet - go back to sleep - we're fine." Mary cracked open the door and peered out into the pre-dawn blackness of the roman settlement. She... Continue Reading →

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