12.4 – Alaska V

A week of at least partial solitude sounded fantastic. It ended up to be more phantasmic. Maybe. I'll never be sure. Regardless, I never want to see it again. I had been studying angels ever since Mrs. Seale and I talked. (Alaska III) To do so, I learned to take advantage of the resources at... Continue Reading →

9.6 – intermitto

After the summer experience of 1990, I needed an intermission. That was awful, and weird, and glorious, maybe.  The jury was still out on the reality of it. The fall semester at Northeast Louisiana University was a welcome experience at a college where I could be anonymous.  As I said in renovo, once a guy... Continue Reading →

9.5 – dubium

Doubtful.  I was doubtful when Donald Trump, the "you're fired" reality show guy, announced a bid for the presidency. I was doubtful when I first heard planes had crashed into the world trade center. I was doubtful when I learned how the modern Bible was put together. I was doubtful when my friend Michelle told... Continue Reading →

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