getting up

Upped my lexapro. How it works I don't know. World was dim hard to go out, like my head was full of phlegm. stumbling around in the dark for a key to a door that's already open.* Upped my lexapro and I wake up hearing the morning trill of the birds flitting about in the... Continue Reading →

46- static

In Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Mr. Pirsig relates a story of some pilgrims climbing a holy mountain. Though I read it years ago, the story struck a chord with me. I paraphrase by memory: One particular climber was trudging up the mountain, his pack seemingly becoming heavier and heavier with each step.... Continue Reading →

40.5 – redneckus generalis

What would incline me to think I might be a redneck? Why would I strive for such a goal? I've never had a skoal ring faded into the back pocket of my jeans (but my friends did), never drank beer from a can (but my friends did), never milked a cow (my parents and cousins... Continue Reading →

40.4 – redneckus holditus

(Continued from redneckus wannabeus) As far as I can tell, a key skill of an average redneck is the ability to drink beer from a can. My sources say that the best redneck stories begin with either of two phrases: "Hold my beer," when the event that will become a story commences, or "We had... Continue Reading →

40.1 – redneckus haud

I'm not a redneck. Believe me I've tried. I just lack the knowledge and skill set for it. Before trying, I held the misguided belief that being a redneck was a vacuum of knowledge - a default position at which a country-boy would languish if he lacked the initiative to rise. Only in trying to... Continue Reading →

31 – exercitatione

Sometimes, life is routine stuff, and that's o.k. Get up, go to work, finish the work day, stop at the grocery store, go home, dinner, kid's homework, bed, start over. A few hundred times a year. Nothing exciting, no big travels, no births, no deaths, no disasters. Sometimes the routine is comfortable. In 2004 when... Continue Reading →

30 – harmonia

I think I may have mentioned before that I'm a percussionist. I know that in Pilgrimage IX I spoke about music a little, but not much.  I haven't played much in years, but it is still in me. I think in these terms still. I listen a certain way because of this. I generally enjoy... Continue Reading →

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