50 year birthday. Thanksgiving. Christmas Season. One son in college and another with his first car. It has all piled up on me. As I was driving to meet a couple of new clients this morning, my mind was flooded with memories. It was like watching an old 8mm film of my life, projected onto... Continue Reading →


We run with so much vigor when we're young, so eager to get to the next milestone. My grandmother used to remind me "Don't wish your life away, honey. . ." but I would laugh at the impossibility of that and ignore the deeper meaning. In college I was so caught up in figuring out... Continue Reading →

49 – boneyard

On a few occasions while my granddad Keathley was alive, I drove him around the dirt roads of Mount Vernon, Arkansas in my four-wheel drive. We would wander up and down old rutted dirt roads that were no longer passable by regular cars and through narrow trails in the woods that would scratch up the... Continue Reading →

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