43 – decresco

I Must Decrease. As far as I can tell, many religions will agree on this axiom. Whether meditating in accordance with teachings of the Buddha or the Christ, the spiritual disciple must decrease. His will, his credit, his appetites, his self-interest, and his self-image must decrease. The ascetic life is difficult, though, regardless of its... Continue Reading →

Resolved 2018

To listen, read and write more, and to communicate less words but more meaning. Each year for the past several, I have resolved to speak less but say as much or more. Hopefully I am making progress. Have a good year, however you define that.

39 – itineris

This morning I watched a good friend in law enforcement explain his journey (itineris) thus far through life. He spoke about "losing traction" in some of his efforts, and at long last, graduating from college. I congratulate him and he inspired me to write. We are all on our own journeys, and many have planned... Continue Reading →

33 – zen

I'm a Christian, not a Buddhist. But different religions have characteristics and practices¬† that are good ideas, and I reject the idea that one religion's practice prohibits another¬† religion from a similar practice. If a practice helps me draw closer to God, I'm interested. I first realized this when I was searching for the Truth... Continue Reading →

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