mallem alibi

As I think and write tonight I am sitting on the 10th floor of Bay Lake Tower of the Contemporary Resort at Walt Disney World. Out the window I can see "Cinderella's Castle" all lit up with icicle lights for Christmas. The fireworks show just ended. I almost always read a book to prepare for... Continue Reading →

9.6 – intermitto

After the summer experience of 1990, I needed an intermission. That was awful, and weird, and glorious, maybe.  The jury was still out on the reality of it. The fall semester at Northeast Louisiana University was a welcome experience at a college where I could be anonymous.  As I said in renovo, once a guy... Continue Reading →

2 – tumidus

A guy in elementary school has to find his own survival techniques.  Otherwise, he will always be forced to drink from the girls' water fountain, constantly be trapped in bathroom stalls, and always be picked last for dodgeball.  Honestly I never did figure out a way to manipulate my way out of last place draft... Continue Reading →

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