44 – destination unknown

I wrote recently about the fact that you have to learn to enjoy the journey of life and not simply seek a destination. I believe the truth of this. I do. Truly. But you want to at least have a destination in mind, right? For example, when I ride a motorcycle, I want to go... Continue Reading →

an american roller coaster

When I was in the bathroom this morning, brushing my teeth and getting ready for work, I discovered this: My dear sweet wife is the only person who shares this bathroom, this drawer, and this Q-tip box with me, so there is little doubt - not even reasonable doubt - as to who left the... Continue Reading →

femina libero

I know a lot of females. I know a lot of males. I know intelligent, sophisticated members of both genders and I know people of both that are dumb as a sack of rocks. So I don't understand why we still have problems of inequality.  Now I'm not typing this to make points with anyone.... Continue Reading →


An Open Letter to Whomever the Shoe Fits: I am weary of your contradictions. Stop preaching against bullying while electing bullies. Please take down your tolerance flag if you can't tolerate whatever flag I fly. Please do not abuse my good sense with your support of the Constitution if you insist on the government promoting... Continue Reading →

32 – rei publicae

Ever wondered where the term "republic" came from? Probably the best way to say the english word "politics" in latin is "rei publicae." Things (rei) concerning the public welfare (publicae). Well, that may be what it was a thousand years ago. It was a mixed bag even then, truly.  Interestingly, the republic form of government... Continue Reading →

We the People

In 1789 the Committee on Style, of the Constitutional Convention for the American Colonies, gave the rest of the gentlemen of the Convention the following preamble for the historic document they were drafting: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for... Continue Reading →

26 – monstrum

When I was a boy I had to take swimming lessons from some young lady that I'm sure was a good teacher and pleasant person, but I hated it. She would throw things to the bottom of the pool and expect my brother and me to go get them, like a baby throws down its... Continue Reading →

24 – incursus

I've brought the larger story into 2002 now, and I wonder if anyone noticed what was missing from my admittedly self-centered account. This piece of our lives didn't fit in. We said we would never forget. The nation made appeals to god. Celebrities and politicians spoke of national strength, pride and unity. We had a... Continue Reading →

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