I am a Christian. But more and more I feel compelled to say "I'm not THAT KIND of Christian." I think I hear someone saying, "Now what could you possibly mean by that?" Well I'm so glad you asked. I simply mean that there are Christians who spend their public time and words and energy... Continue Reading →

just quit

Spare me the sermon if sin is all you can see in your  neighbor on the road. Spare me the words of salvation if you're too busy to relieve him of his load. Don't waste your breath speaking of Christ the savior if you think your politics is what will save us. Don't waste my... Continue Reading →

4 – caligo

Junior High was where my "melancholy," my introvertedness, and my faith based teaching collided.  Only in my adult years, post law school even, have I come to terms with what happened in junior high.  Had I written this in college, I would have started with Matthew 5:11 - Blessed are you when people insult you,... Continue Reading →

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