Pilgrimage VII

Alternative Title: No Room inn the Cab. We started our day by walking through the Moslem cemetery on one side of the city wall to enter the Lions Gate to find the Pool of Bethesda, which is close to the Sheep Gate. The Lions Gate is also known as St. Stephen's Gate, as they say... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage V

"The David Hotel" on the Dead Sea. I went down to the workout room at 7 am, only to be told in an ancient, foreign-to-me tongue that it is only open to women until 8.  I limped over to the dining hall for some breakfast only to be surrounded and mentally accosted by a horde... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage I

Little Rock The strangers are gathering at Gate 4. Several of us will know each other much better by the end of this trip. The others are just strangers and probably always will be. An unkempt couple to my left eats their mid-morning snacks as they laugh about something on their phones. A guy in... Continue Reading →

8 – labo

At a baptist college, there are strange requirements such as attending chapel, which is a weekly worship service during the day, as well as bible classes on the old and new testament. Chapel was generally pretty boring, but I found out that if you have a job that conflicts with chapel time, you don't have... Continue Reading →

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