hitting it

she laughs out of the blue and only he knows why she interrupts his drivel and he smiles at her charm she mimics his music and he enjoys her voice he loudly rearranges the dishwasher and she quietly adds the forgotten soap he's not interested in talking and she encourages his two wheel therapy he... Continue Reading →

missing it

she turns away again and he retreats she calls and he can't talk she asks and he doesn't hear he gestures but she doesn't see he offers but she is distracted he speaks but the wind carries his words away they love by different means each gives but neither receive both stay because both believe... Continue Reading →

virtuoso or virtue-less

via Daily Prompt: Confess The value placed on virtues is becoming less.I confess that I'm no virtuoso of good habits and manners, but neither am I virtue-less. From capital cities to celebrities, down to working class parents and kids, virtues are something we hardly ever address. Some will say after this regime or that, we... Continue Reading →

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