37 – terminal

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great destination for a foodie, and I'm not even a foodie. I was there in February of 2010 for a conference on prosecuting child abuse, and after my last class I walked through old Santa Fe to have dinner at Amavi Restaurant, had a hot oolong tea at a... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage IX

Music changes perception. I listen to a lot of music, and lots of types of music, and when I studied in London I would walk through the streets on my way to this class or that tour, with earbuds on. Sometimes. Sometimes I did not, just to hear the music of the voices and cars... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage I

Little Rock The strangers are gathering at Gate 4. Several of us will know each other much better by the end of this trip. The others are just strangers and probably always will be. An unkempt couple to my left eats their mid-morning snacks as they laugh about something on their phones. A guy in... Continue Reading →

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