Social Distancing (SD101)

This "social distancing" (SD) thing is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, right up there in company with toilet paper and chocolate covered oreos and paper books. Don't be fooled though, it is not a new thing anymore than country music was when Waylon and Willie and Hank Jr. made it cool in the... Continue Reading →

invisible (to the other guy)

How many people have either wondered if they were, or wished they were, or maybe wished they were not, invisible, at one point or another? That one girl or guy that doesn't seem to know you exist; that car that pulls into your lane as though you weren't in it; or that gathering where you're standing... Continue Reading →

3 – renovo

I graduated from River Oaks High School in 1988.  I began my time at River Oaks in fifth grade.  Moving from Swartz public school to River Oaks private school, I was immediately behind my fellow students on several points,  most notably multiplication tables.  I still don't care for math, and as I type these posts,... Continue Reading →

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