45 – sunday morning

Usually, I would be at church right now, teaching a sunday school lesson, and then attending a worship service. But today, I'm not. Simply did not want to deal with the outside world, however kind and loving the people around me would have been. The loud attacks on senses, the conversation to be made with... Continue Reading →

39 – itineris

This morning I watched a good friend in law enforcement explain his journey (itineris) thus far through life. He spoke about "losing traction" in some of his efforts, and at long last, graduating from college. I congratulate him and he inspired me to write. We are all on our own journeys, and many have planned... Continue Reading →

36 – child abuse

I'm skipping my regular cryptic title because we can't afford misunderstandings here. I often wonder if Kim Jong Un was abused as a child. Statistics show that many of the "bully" types I mentioned in plebeius have suffered abuse themselves at some point. But I'm not going to waste time with statistics now - they... Continue Reading →

30 – harmonia

I think I may have mentioned before that I'm a percussionist. I know that in Pilgrimage IX I spoke about music a little, but not much.  I haven't played much in years, but it is still in me. I think in these terms still. I listen a certain way because of this. I generally enjoy... Continue Reading →

28 – abba

God isn't always soft. Love isn't always warm and fuzzy. Grace isn't always gracious. I have had my disputes with the Father. I doubted the Bible first, then Christianity, then God as a divine entity. I went on to skeptically examine "gods" as a reasonable philosophical premise. On studying, I made my way all the... Continue Reading →

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