17 – iuris

Oddly enough, "iuris" is latin for both "soup" (gumbo) and "legal authority." That oddity represents 1996 pretty well for me. I was working on an appeal of a conviction of a woman - let's call her Sue - when we found out that M had possible thyroid cancer. More recent experiences with friends have taught... Continue Reading →


16 – mens rea

They say country music is made up of "three chords and the truth." The story of Bill is made up of three bullets and a lie. Of course I've changed the names to protect the innocent - or not-so-innocent. Bill and Peg had been married for seven years. He was often away, as many soldiers... Continue Reading →

15 – vita

Ever since I had decided to be an attorney, I thought this spot was what I was looking forward to. Working as a lawyer in a firm, representing people who needed help. Solving their problems. I wanted to represent Christ to the criminal defendants the churches wouldn't accept. Back then, I misunderstood that season to... Continue Reading →

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