50 year birthday. Thanksgiving. Christmas Season. One son in college and another with his first car. It has all piled up on me. As I was driving to meet a couple of new clients this morning, my mind was flooded with memories. It was like watching an old 8mm film of my life, projected onto... Continue Reading →


It has been so long since I've visited a troutstream, I've almost forgotten the wonder of it. So in order to remind myself, I went back to an old post:, exercitatione: As the sun rises the mist morphs from pink to a dull white turning brighter as it moves downstream to the sun. All the... Continue Reading →

7 – recens

College.  New acquaintances, new place, new opportunities and challenges. I had a scholarship, a loving supportive family at home, and a christian school where I surely wouldn't have the same values differences I perceived in high school.  I thought my baggage was certainly left behind, and I was to be among christian friends here. Sometimes... Continue Reading →

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