Voodoo Death is a real thing. I'm not saying this out of superstition either - at least not out of my own superstition. I took a sociology class on the occult in college in Louisiana. In that class we read studies in which coroners or medical examiners found some causes of death to be the... Continue Reading →

36 – child abuse

I'm skipping my regular cryptic title because we can't afford misunderstandings here. I often wonder if Kim Jong Un was abused as a child. Statistics show that many of the "bully" types I mentioned in plebeius have suffered abuse themselves at some point. But I'm not going to waste time with statistics now - they... Continue Reading →

35 – plebeius

I've heard a lot lately about sexual assault. Before that I heard a lot about bullying. I think these are two breeds of the same species and I dislike the species altogether. This species is commonly called "monster" by those who recognize it, but there are so many breeds and strains of the animal that... Continue Reading →

6 – repugnantia

As I grew more comfortable in my own skin and I learned to accept my classmates as friends, they accepted me likewise.   In the last couple of years at River Oaks, I ran for Student Government vice president and won, and I maintained the Fellowship of Christian Students.  I was one of the drummers... Continue Reading →

4 – caligo

Junior High was where my "melancholy," my introvertedness, and my faith based teaching collided.  Only in my adult years, post law school even, have I come to terms with what happened in junior high.  Had I written this in college, I would have started with Matthew 5:11 - Blessed are you when people insult you,... Continue Reading →

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