Nativity Walk 6

Part 6 in a Christmas Series beginning with NW1: The sun was barely out when Mary was awakened by the baby's kicking.  She said her morning prayers down at the river in the solitude, and then roused Joseph from a hard sleep. "I had a dream," he said, "there were Roman soldiers and an elderly... Continue Reading →

We the People

In 1789 the Committee on Style, of the Constitutional Convention for the American Colonies, gave the rest of the gentlemen of the Convention the following preamble for the historic document they were drafting: We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for... Continue Reading →

On God’s Response to Prayer

Yesterday, I posted a brief suggestion that God does not always answer prayers. (vita continuat) I invited readers to provide their thoughts on point, and no one responded. This reminded me of some of my prayers. Nothing. Silence. I have heard all my life that "God always answers your prayers - He may not give... Continue Reading →

29 – vita continuat

life goes on. Picking up on the old story, in January of 2004 M & I had two small children and sleep was not a reliable friend to us. People told us back then that it would pass, but when you're in the shadow of the one cloud in an otherwise blue sky it's hard... Continue Reading →

התקדמותו של צליין or reflections on a pilgrimage 4

Tsoro in Hausa. خوف in Arabic. Peur in French. φόβος in Greek. Miedo in Spanish. डर in Hindi. Takut in Indonesian. 恐れ in Japanese. Timor in Latin.  פַּחַד in Hebrew. ကြောက်ရွံ့သောစိတ် in Burmese. Every language knows Fear. Why? Because every culture knows fear. Every person knows fear. Fear of hunger; fear of abandonment; fear of monsters - real or imaginary... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage IX

Music changes perception. I listen to a lot of music, and lots of types of music, and when I studied in London I would walk through the streets on my way to this class or that tour, with earbuds on. Sometimes. Sometimes I did not, just to hear the music of the voices and cars... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage VII

Alternative Title: No Room inn the Cab. We started our day by walking through the Moslem cemetery on one side of the city wall to enter the Lions Gate to find the Pool of Bethesda, which is close to the Sheep Gate. The Lions Gate is also known as St. Stephen's Gate, as they say... Continue Reading →

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