the unloved

What is it like to be unfamiliar with the warm security of the love of a fellow human? I can't say for sure, but I imagine it to be like an arctic tundra: cold, barren, non-nourishing, and no particular points of interest. Except worse. No hope of a home somewhere offering relief. Ever felt like... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk – Hope

Final installment in a Christmas series beginning with NW1: After an evening of memories and laughter with family, M & J went to bed. Ms. Anne insisted that Mary take their bed, being "large with child," and no one objected, at least out loud. She slept peacefully with the exception of one dream of the... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 4

**This is part of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: Walking into town with the sun setting to the right, Mary is itching to take off her sandals and top cloak, and Joseph's stomach is growling so much it is distracting Mel's attention from the rocky path. As they begin looking for a place... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 3

**This is part of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: After several hours, M & J approach Salim.  After a meal in town and then a wash in the warmish springs of Aenon (where John the Baptist would be baptizing in several more years), they adjust their packs, rinse out their sandals and some... Continue Reading →

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