48 – Tap water in Margaritaville

I'm no Jimmy Buffet. I already know there's no woman to blame for my troubles, if I'm honest about it, though sometimes I blame her anyway. I've tried a rum drink in the Caribbean and couldn't tolerate it. I'm not a fan of sand in places where it grinds off skin, and I won't wear... Continue Reading →

30 – harmonia

I think I may have mentioned before that I'm a percussionist. I know that in Pilgrimage IX I spoke about music a little, but not much.¬† I haven't played much in years, but it is still in me. I think in these terms still. I listen a certain way because of this. I generally enjoy... Continue Reading →

23 – Mayan cooking

Traveling¬† to Benque Viejo, Belize involved a drive to Little Rock, a flight to Houston, a longer flight across the Gulf of Mexico until the the greenery of the Yucatan Peninsula came into view, and then continuing down the coast to the broad leaves and barren buildings of Belize City. I had done some traveling... Continue Reading →

22 – Jireh

Jireh, pronounced Yireh, is Hebrew for Provider. It's funny how even when you are holding a grudge against a good parent and even when they know it, they still provide for you. I was operating CLS because I was told to. I believed in God even though I had a bone to pick with Him.... Continue Reading →

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