. . . enemies. . .

I resolve. I've never been the enemy of New Year's Resolutions that some people are. My Dad was vocal about his dislike of this tradition: "You say you're going to do something and then you don't. If you really cared that much about it, you wouldn't put it off till January 1." From his perspective,... Continue Reading →

8.5 – mendacium!

I have, throughout my college and adult life, taken a strong stand against the overuse of hugs and exclamation points. To me, a hug is not a greeting, but a very intimate statement of heartfelt love or compassion. They are given freely at points of crisis or celebration of the milestones of life, but they... Continue Reading →

9 – Christus

Things become more difficult, and at the same time simpler, when you accept an authority.  I had accepted Jehovah (from here I'll refer to Him as God) as the Creator, with no pre-established notions as to His involvement with men, method of creation, or much else. I began studying the writings about Christ. The gospels,... Continue Reading →

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