39 – itineris

This morning I watched a good friend in law enforcement explain his journey (itineris) thus far through life. He spoke about "losing traction" in some of his efforts, and at long last, graduating from college. I congratulate him and he inspired me to write. We are all on our own journeys, and many have planned... Continue Reading →

36 – child abuse

I'm skipping my regular cryptic title because we can't afford misunderstandings here. I often wonder if Kim Jong Un was abused as a child. Statistics show that many of the "bully" types I mentioned in plebeius have suffered abuse themselves at some point. But I'm not going to waste time with statistics now - they... Continue Reading →

35 – plebeius

I've heard a lot lately about sexual assault. Before that I heard a lot about bullying. I think these are two breeds of the same species and I dislike the species altogether. This species is commonly called "monster" by those who recognize it, but there are so many breeds and strains of the animal that... Continue Reading →

Pilgrimage VII

Alternative Title: No Room inn the Cab. We started our day by walking through the Moslem cemetery on one side of the city wall to enter the Lions Gate to find the Pool of Bethesda, which is close to the Sheep Gate. The Lions Gate is also known as St. Stephen's Gate, as they say... Continue Reading →

28 – abba

God isn't always soft. Love isn't always warm and fuzzy. Grace isn't always gracious. I have had my disputes with the Father. I doubted the Bible first, then Christianity, then God as a divine entity. I went on to skeptically examine "gods" as a reasonable philosophical premise. On studying, I made my way all the... Continue Reading →

24 – incursus

I've brought the larger story into 2002 now, and I wonder if anyone noticed what was missing from my admittedly self-centered account. This piece of our lives didn't fit in. We said we would never forget. The nation made appeals to god. Celebrities and politicians spoke of national strength, pride and unity. We had a... Continue Reading →

22 – Jireh

Jireh, pronounced Yireh, is Hebrew for Provider. It's funny how even when you are holding a grudge against a good parent and even when they know it, they still provide for you. I was operating CLS because I was told to. I believed in God even though I had a bone to pick with Him.... Continue Reading →

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