The Washingtons (ep.9)

She hardly caught an ounce of sleep the night before her alarm awakened her for her appointment. Reagan had taken the kids to school so that she could sleep in a little, both of them knowing sleep would be difficult due to nerves. After he returned home to pick her up, they loaded and got... Continue Reading →

The Washingtons (ep.8)

After a long therapeutic ride, Reagan returned home to find that everyone had gone to bed. The kids were asleep and Rosy may as well have been. He climbed into his side of the bed and drifted off into a fitful, restless sleep. The next afternoon Rosy texted him and invited him to dinner. She... Continue Reading →

The Washingtons (ep.7)

Over time, as the parents aged and the kids matured, the groove became more of a rut. They never felt it change though. Reagan found himself feeling less a part of the family, as the girls seemed to do their own thing so often and have more of a connection with Rosy. Rosy was receiving... Continue Reading →

25 – genus again

Upon returning from Belize, I settled into the mundane - work, home, church, repeat. My journal reflects an intended effort to invest more deliberately into marriage, fatherhood, faith and mission, but I can't say whether I made progress in this effort or not, or how to measure it if I did. Pretty soon most of... Continue Reading →

21 – denudator

One of my first clients at Christian Legal Service (CLS) was a stripper.  She preferred to be called an exotic dancer. Regardless, she professionally removed her clothes while dancing. I've represented several young women in this and one other similar profession, and shallowly judging by appearance alone, this was the only one that I thought... Continue Reading →

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