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WIN_20180102_152318“Docendo disco, et scribendo cogito.” I learn by teaching and think by writing.  And I enjoy a word or phrase from a dead language once in a while, like some enjoy the flavor of a cigar or the blossom of a whiskey (or a whisky). My favorite psychologist has already made it quite clear that no one will read this, and if they do and I’m honest here — which I intend to be — then it will ruin any political aspirations I may harbor.  So be it. Let the bridges burn behind and ahead of me if they must as a result of my honest expression.

Much of what I type will likely be grossly errant, or maybe mildly misguided, and that’s where the learning comes in.  As will often be the case here, by the end of any given page I may correct what I stated at the beginning. As I see it, blogs are tools for individuals to learn from themselves, in front of anyone interested, so that others might benefit from the blogger’s struggles, failures, victories, and oh-so-rare epiphanies.

I honestly cannot say now what topics will be addressed here, as this is and will be, ever evolving.  I anticipate some motorcycle, some governmental, some faith, and some family.  Expect, as I do, to be disillusioned, pleasantly surprised, and comforted in mutuality.

If the reader enjoys it or hates it, or agrees or disagrees, I really can’t bring myself to care.  It’s good for me like my lexapro and klonopin is, so here it is. I’m not looking to start a debate with anyone so much as lay my thoughts out for me to evaluate and anyone interested to ponder.  Enjoy.


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