52 – a short sprint

There are few things like a solo motorcycle trip to straighten out your head. In the hot summer of 2013 I packed up my Triumph Sprint ST to escape. I couldn't get away from the heat, so much as the humanity. But I've always heard that's more of the problem anyway. At least it is... Continue Reading →

51 – a strong female lead

In January of 2013, I taught a short series of classes on Changing Attitudes. Looking back at my journal, I'm pretty sure I didn't learn the lessons I was trying to teach, considering that judging by some of my recent entries here, I'm still more critical and more of a complainer than I should be.... Continue Reading →

38 – libero

Flat tires blow. Flat tires are a drag. A flat tire can suck the life out of a good ride. On Sunday morning of March 14, 2010, I was sitting under a tree in south Arkansas. I could still see the Louisiana line to the south, and a long road to Hamburg to the north.... Continue Reading →

Roll Permit

Aretha was a healthy black woman with a thick flat creole accent,  who had come to Conway to escape the aftermath of the Katrina disaster in the Ninth Ward of New Orleans. She and her friendly but lethal cocaine dealer and their "adopted" child had witnessed the flooding, the terror, and the bodies in the... Continue Reading →


Music and Motorcycles. I've been scheduled to attend a conference at Lake DeGray State Park for some time, and I have looked forward to it for the anticipated quiet, outside of classes, and the ride here. I type as I look out the window... Few things are such endless sources of joy as music and... Continue Reading →

Florida 17

Once a year our church hosts a youth camp called "ignite" in Panama City Beach, Florida. I enjoy cooking and serving for groups, as I have done on occasion at my church and on mission trips to Belize, so this plus one or two sons being there provides all the excuse I need for a... Continue Reading →

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