Nativity Walk – Hope

Final installment in a Christmas series beginning with NW1: After an evening of memories and laughter with family, M & J went to bed. Ms. Anne insisted that Mary take their bed, being "large with child," and no one objected, at least out loud. She slept peacefully with the exception of one dream of the... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 7

Part 7 in a Christmas series beginning with NW1 Waking up in Jericho, Mary and Joseph had the Mountains of Judea to the  South and West and the Jordan River valley from which they just came to the East and North. They just traveled basically the same route from the river that Joshua and their... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 6

Part 6 in a Christmas Series beginning with NW1: The sun was barely out when Mary was awakened by the baby's kicking.  She said her morning prayers down at the river in the solitude, and then roused Joseph from a hard sleep. "I had a dream," he said, "there were Roman soldiers and an elderly... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 5

**This is part 5 of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: As our young couple and their favorite donkey ambles along, the landscape slopes down to the river, flattens, and the trees fade into more of a desert terrain. The lack of shade wasn't a problem in the morning hours, but by noon the... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 4

**This is part of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: Walking into town with the sun setting to the right, Mary is itching to take off her sandals and top cloak, and Joseph's stomach is growling so much it is distracting Mel's attention from the rocky path. As they begin looking for a place... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 3

**This is part of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: After several hours, M & J approach Salim.  After a meal in town and then a wash in the warmish springs of Aenon (where John the Baptist would be baptizing in several more years), they adjust their packs, rinse out their sandals and some... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 2

**This is part of a series, beginning with Nativity Walk 1: "Joe, did you hear that?" "Hmm mmm.." "Joe - I heard something. Wake up." "It's not even light yet - go back to sleep - we're fine." Mary cracked open the door and peered out into the pre-dawn blackness of the roman settlement. She... Continue Reading →

Nativity Walk 1

Go back in time, a couple of millenia with me:  It is the month of Tishri (Sept/Oct), year 3758 of the Hebrew calendar.  200 years ago the Ming Dynasty was building the Great Wall of China, and the Mayan civilization created a calendar.   On this tiny little blue green planet, third from the modest star... Continue Reading →

O Jerusalem

President Trump has recently acknowledged Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel, and promised to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. That upset a lot of Palestinians, and others. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kill the prophets and stone those sent to you, how often I have longed to gather your children... Continue Reading →

התקדמותו של צליין or reflections on a pilgrimage 4

Tsoro in Hausa. خوف in Arabic. Peur in French. φόβος in Greek. Miedo in Spanish. डर in Hindi. Takut in Indonesian. 恐れ in Japanese. Timor in Latin.  פַּחַד in Hebrew. ကြောက်ရွံ့သောစိတ် in Burmese. Every language knows Fear. Why? Because every culture knows fear. Every person knows fear. Fear of hunger; fear of abandonment; fear of monsters - real or imaginary... Continue Reading →

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