11 – aptus

One frequent topic of conversation with my roommate at St. Margaret's in London was the respective girls with whom we anticipated marriage. Big stuff for a couple of college guys in London. He was pretty sure about his; I was pretty shaky on the subject. Mine was a cajun girl named Melissa Pilgrim. She was... Continue Reading →

9.9 – London VI

In Michelangelo's depiction of  God and Adam on the Sistine Chapel, the two subjects are just barely out of reach from one another. It doesn't seem to be for God's lack of effort though, so much as Adam's casual, relaxed, comfortable reach, while God is stretching.  Take a look again. I wonder if this was... Continue Reading →

9.8 – London V

Desirable things just out of reach are generally frustrating for one side or the other, or even both sides. While lying limp in the teeth of depression, happiness is often visible in the lives of others, but there's no hope to reach it for yourself. Thus the cycle. On a clear day you can see... Continue Reading →

9.75 – London IV

If I'm reading my own journal correctly, we were placed in our "homestays," and took a trip to Stratford on Avon maybe during a weekend of that time period. As much I enjoyed my experience in England in general, I disliked my homestay, for reasons I'll explain shortly.  Stratford, on the other hand, which was... Continue Reading →

9.7 – London III

Dreams bewilder me.  I never know what's real and what's not real. For example, if you believe in angels, and you believe the Bible, how are you supposed to know if an angel you encountered was real or not if, as they did in the Bible, they sometimes appear to people in dreams? Sometimes dreams... Continue Reading →

9.65 – London II

It doesn't take long to find favorite spots in a great city. The National was an easy favorite for the view of distant Charing Cross to the left and St Paul's Cathedral (another favorite) to the right, with the Thames (pronounced Tims) in the foreground. During my stay in London, the National was the home... Continue Reading →

9.6 – London I

In January of 1991, if you check or remember the world news, images of Saddam Hussein predicting a "long and bloody war" with the U.S. come to mind.  On the 3rd, Iraqi ambassadors were expelled from the United Kingdom; on the 12th, Congress granted Bush #1 authority to attack Iraq; on the 15th, Iraq blew... Continue Reading →

8.75 – indicium

Throughout my college years I maintained what LC called a pre-law concentration. That, for me, added up to a double major in English and Economics with a minor in Philosophy. That's only important here and now because it was one of my freshman classes that introduced me to Dr. Mary Bowman. This little old lady... Continue Reading →

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