reflections from the belly of the whale

This could be titled Phlegm 3, but I got tired of the nasty connotations of that word. As I have sat at home today, thinking, praying, pondering, and being generally disgusted at how little I can do, I had these thoughts, mostly as a result of my time in the hospital.

  1. If I am physically unable to carry on a conversation or my hand is shaking when I try to hold the phone to answer a call, it is ok not to take said call. Its probably not that important anyway.
  2. I MUST start my day with peace, as opposed to rushing, striving, stressing. If I will force the time for quiet – prayer, exercise, breakfast, frickin BREATHING. . . . the other stuff will be more tolerable.
  3. PEOPLE can be counted on, to disappoint you. If I place someone – anyone – in too high regard, I will be disappointed in them at some time. And then who’s fault is it? Mine for forgetting the rule.
  4. Jesus was a middle eastern man (a Palestinian, mind you – Bethlehem is Palestine) who spoke a language I wouldn’t recognize if I heard it (Aramaic). He was not like me. He was a foreigner. To some degree He was a foreigner to everyone He met. I must accept this and stop trying to make Him like me and start making me like Him.
  5. Health crap is fragile. Don’t take it for granted.
  6. Love people. Their crap is fragile too. And you don’t know.
  7. Be a servant, but not so much that you can’t do it again tomorrow.
  8. Don’t give yourself to sucky people. Pigs don’t treat pearls like pearls. They wallow in filth, and if they could, they would probably call you an idiot for refusing to jump in or stay in with them.
  9. Don’t be a sucky person yourself.

2 thoughts on “reflections from the belly of the whale

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  1. Wow you have hit that right on the head. So many times we get too involved in other people’s stuff we give our all , when all of a sudden we fall into the pit of what happened to me? We forget about ourselves and neglect ourselves, forget what we stand for ( being like Jesus), we must STOP OURSELVES and take care of ME. This was a very hard lesson for me to learn, but once I did learn I am free of anxiety and at peace with in myself. Just food for thought.


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