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Screenshot (23)Leah. Ironically, this is an anagram of Heal, and tragically so. But it is another word that brings to mind the “niceness” of God, or Dios, or Dieu, or Elohim, or Allah, based on what language you speak.

In April of 2014, about the time that 20 families were dealing with the emotional damage of the Fort Hood shooting, 1,000,000 Syrians were fleeing the war ravaging their hometowns, and maybe 100,000,000 Americans were struggling with the idea of David Letterman retiring, 276 African schoolgirls were kidnapped from a school in Chibok, Nigeria. About the time most Americans had seen


Captain America, Winter Soldier once or twice, some of these preteen and teen girls had escaped their muslim terrorist captors, by their own skill, bravery and cunning, and found a taste of freedom again. I had the honor of meeting one of them recently, but was asked not to show her face here, lest the wrong people see how to recognize her or where she is. She is doing wonderfully though, having finished high school and earned a college degree now. It is truly amazing to me what some people can do after abduction and torture and how little others can do because they’ve been subjected to so much less. Roughly 112 of these girls are still missing. According to those who escaped, they have been, and are being, used as sex slaves, suicide bombers, and for cooking and cleaning.

One of the girls, Amina, escaped in May of 2014 along with 56 others, and was found by a government patrol. While most of the girls were returned to their families, Amina was kept in government custody and to this day has not been released to her family. President Buhari has explained that she is being kept to be “deradicalized,” as she is  asking to be returned to her parents.

As some of the escapees recover and even flourish, and lawyers and bureaucrats in D.C. and Abuja and the U.N. and the Hague argue about points of law and even celebrities speak out about human rights violations in Nigeria, another group of girls has been abducted by the same group. Boko Haram. BK is an african version of Al Qaeda, which gave birth to ISIS (or ISIL). But arguably because Nigeria doesn’t have the oil that American demands, the U.S. doesn’t demand the destruction of this splinter, which, by the way, has committed far more atrocities than ISIS in the past few years, with far less publicity or consequences. This new abduction, for example:

February 19, 2018. U.S. President Trump was tweeting criticisms of Oprah; ISIS claimed “credit” for a gunman killing 5 church goers in Russia, Americans were enjoying the new Black Panther movie, and Boko Haram took 110 11 to 19 year old school girls captive in Nigeria. Again. Interestingly, they quickly released all the muslim girls and kept Leah. They then demanded a larger-than-ever ransom for her, based on the fact that she was a Christian and the daughter of a police-officer, subject to the threat of her execution after  a short time span. When that time passed, after much praying, fretting and talking, a Red Cross aid worker was executed in her place, and Leah, pictured at the top of this post, was placed into a life of slavery based on her refusal to denounce Christianity and convert to Islam.

That is where she was while we were watching the World Series in our recliners, and that is where she is as I type this in my comfortable home with my family.

Honestly, I do not know what to do about this, other than pray and write. We in America complain about soft problems while people in other nations beg for their lives.

This is why I am involved with Child Advocacy Centers and Court Appointed Special Advocates. Even though I have direct contacts with friends working on these horrific issues in Africa, and religious freedom in Nepal, my limitations haunt me, so I give my attention as much as I can to child abuse and neglect here at home. If this bothers you as it does me, please recognize that you CAN, in fact, help.

Screenshot (25)I didn’t write this to ask for money, so feel free to stop reading here if you like. On the other hand people should understand that your local CASA is not helping all the children it could, because it doesn’t have the money to train and supervise as many volunteers as it needs. Every little bit counts. If you feel like you should help, click the link above and do what you can, so that some child can flourish instead of suffering.

As I said in my last post, God is not as “nice” as I would often like Him to be. I don’t understand why the things I’ve addressed above are allowed to happen, other than He invented free will and therefore allows mankind to carry on stupid and even evil plans. Sometimes I wish He would just stop all this evil, but then I remember that He extends mercy to me as He does others, and gives me time to repent as He does to others. I guess that’s pretty nice of Him.


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