invisible (not all just a lie)

Screenshot (13)So. Some things cannot be seen by the naked eye. Some naked eyes choose not to see. Some others choose not to be seen. There’s quite a vicious cycle in there somewhere.

This is the root of politicians and pundits feeding the public “alternative facts,” “fake news,” and “revisionist history.” When people choose not to see, they have little choice but not to show, not to explain, not to admit, etc., lest they see and are therefore seen. Selective invisibility is one of the most effective tools of less than forthright clergy, politicos, and, by the way, terrorists.

Who’s to say what’s real and what’s fabricated among these invisible things we take on faith? I could throw humility aside and make a bold and possibly arrogant assertion that I am right and others know it and are deliberately lying, but I honestly don’t believe that’s the truth in most cases. I think people on all sides of religion, politics, and even science sincerely believe their own stories and theories, in spite of their contradictions with one another.

I think my Hindu friend is as sincere about Krishna as I am about Christ. The Muslim is as convinced of Allah as I am of Elohim. The Buddhist is as devoted to his muse as I am to my Messiah. The Atheist is as convicted that there isn’t, as much as I am that there is.

But if some of this is true, some of this must be – has to be – false. Right? There simply cannot be a god and no god simultaneously. Although some gods take several names, some of the gods worshiped are mutually exclusive to the other if you look into their characteristics. But this is not just about religion; science offers differing conclusions on what to eat to remain ambulatory, how evolution worked, or works, and what causes or prevents cancer.

So where do I place my faith? I’ve struggled through this in long and short episodes, (labo, dubiummendacium) and I always come back to the same conclusion. When I can’t prove a point, I return to that point for which I have the most evidence. In religion, that has taken me to the same place so many times that I hardly doubt anymore.

So I am a Christian. Not a condescending Christian, or a critical or condemning Christian, but a Christian nonetheless.

img_2736And I am an evangelical. But that doesn’t mean that I beat people over the head with my beliefs. (don’t force it) It means that I enjoy giving an explanation when requested. It doesn’t mean that I accuse others of lying – it means that I believe I have found something (or it has found me) akin to a cure for the human condition, so I offer it in love to those who would have it, and I still love those who place their faith in a different cure, though I respectfully disagree.

I believe in the invisible as well as the invisibles. Sometimes this is because I believe others have seen what I haven’t (dna, atoms, etc.), and sometimes my belief is because I have seen what others have not. This has little to do, and everything to do, with my politics. So far, my faith is what has kept me from being an active part in one party or the other.

So if someone ever wants to know about my God, I will gladly share, but if I can tell that you’re not interested then we can talk about motorcycling or traveling, or better yet, we can enjoy some silence.

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