view from a hole

Evening outside brings parties and laughter,

stars and lights and jovial chatter.

Watching from alone,

dark seeps in

bringing dragons of fears,

regrets of past sin.

Wings are not feather

but black latex I can’t fight.

Dragons’ breath is fire

but neither warmth or light.

The bottom of the well:

roots and spiders invading.

Can’t grip to climb,

My senses are fading.

A welcome respite Screenshot (115)

to find deeper darkness still;

lights and laughter from above

reflect the party on the hill.

The hole gives shelter

from the questions and the critic.

The well provides cover

while I am paralytic.

Don’t call it depression

and look for a cure;

Don’t need your suggestion;

Don’t try to lure.

I relish the blackness

like a warm soft quilt

But save me from the dragons;

Release me from guilt.


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