An Open Letter to Whomever the Shoe Fits:

I am weary of your contradictions.

Stop preaching against bullying while electing bullies.

Please take down your tolerance flag if you can’t tolerate whatever flag I fly.

Please do not abuse my good sense with your support of the Constitution if you insist on the government promoting an establishment of religion or chilling the free exercise of any.

Don’t ridicule me and insist that I should laugh.

Don’t tell me you’re a servant if you get indignant and insulted that someone would question you.

If you believe your actions and results speak for themselves, ease up on the self-promotion.

Stop saying “God is Love” and “I hate you” at the same time.

Stop saying “I love you” and “but only if you’re like me” together.

Quit condemning racism if you are still making decisions based on race.

Finally, stop contradicting yourself and expecting me to agree.

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