of shackles and profits, part three

Religion is a sensitive subject, but then so is slavery. So as long as I'm already wading through the one, I might as well dive on into the other, right? Right. I should pause here to define a word I've been using already in Part One and Two. Betrayal is the act of one trusted... Continue Reading →


of shackles and profits, part two

Given the glimpses of Solomon Northup's life I gave in Part One, it would take a special person to argue that he chose slavery. "Well he did, in fact, choose to go with that traveling show to play fiddle and make money. . ." If that's your argument please go watch SpongeBob or something and... Continue Reading →

of shackles and profits, part one

Shackles have always bothered me. A sound I suppose I will always carry with me from past years is the clinking of cuffs and shackles on an eleven year old defendant in court.  Some people earn their shackles and some do not - at all. My topic for the moment is not those people who... Continue Reading →


We run with so much vigor when we're young, so eager to get to the next milestone. My grandmother used to remind me "Don't wish your life away, honey. . ." but I would laugh at the impossibility of that and ignore the deeper meaning. In college I was so caught up in figuring out... Continue Reading →

God is good

A popular christian song says: "God is good all the time He put a song of praise in this heart of mine God is good, yes He is, all the time Through the darkest night, His light will shine God is good, yes he is, God is good All the time, here we go!" In... Continue Reading →

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