38 – libero

Flat tires blow. Flat tires are a drag. A flat tire can suck the life out of a good ride. On Sunday morning of March 14, 2010, I was sitting under a tree in south Arkansas. I could still see the Louisiana line to the south, and a long road to Hamburg to the north.... Continue Reading →


37 – terminal

Santa Fe, New Mexico is a great destination for a foodie, and I'm not even a foodie. I was there in February of 2010 for a conference on prosecuting child abuse, and after my last class I walked through old Santa Fe to have dinner at Amavi Restaurant, had a hot oolong tea at a... Continue Reading →

36 – child abuse

I'm skipping my regular cryptic title because we can't afford misunderstandings here. I often wonder if Kim Jong Un was abused as a child. Statistics show that many of the "bully" types I mentioned in plebeius have suffered abuse themselves at some point. But I'm not going to waste time with statistics now - they... Continue Reading →

35 – plebeius

I've heard a lot lately about sexual assault. Before that I heard a lot about bullying. I think these are two breeds of the same species and I dislike the species altogether. This species is commonly called "monster" by those who recognize it, but there are so many breeds and strains of the animal that... Continue Reading →

34 – constructio

My dad used to say all new couples move a couple of times before they settle in to a long term home. We certainly followed the rule. When M & I first married, we lived in half of an early to mid 1900's duplex in the Broadmoor area of Jackson, MS. On graduating from law... Continue Reading →

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